Sunday, May 13, 2012

Nak Habaq Mai!

Okay, Semalam aku dan rakan2 serumah aku berpindah dari rumah lama ke rumah baru, nak cerita pun tak tau mana nak mula. Apa kata aku mula dengan persiapan di runah lama, sepatutnya kemas-kemas barang malam kelmarin, tapi, disebabkan gene M yang sangat besar dalam badan kita orang, kemas pun pagi semalam. Lepas tu stop kejap untuk solat Jumaat, start letak barang atas lori lepas solat jumaat, tapi sedih gila, aku punya carpet yang baru beli dan tak sempat nak rasmi lagi, hilang daaaa, sedih gila, tapi takpe laa, takde Rezeki laa kot, and aku pun malas laa nak fikir pasal tu. Sampai je rumah baru, letak semua benda alah kita orang dalam bilik, lepas tu, operasi kemas rumah pun mula, krew2 kemas rumah, Athirah,Nadrah,Fina,Izham,Aku,Hasif,Hafiz,Amir,Luqman, tu je lahh, krew angkat barang sorry aku tak mention, hihi. Then lepas penat, belanja laa semuaorg Fathirah coklat dan sosej.
Belah malam pulak kita orang deco bilik sendiri, dan Hasif laa yang jadi Eric leong, bagi idea letak katil gempak, then tak boleh tutup pintu, tapi tak apa, ada gak bahan best. masing2 dapat bilik sendiri, kecuali man dengan am. Cukup sampai situ, nanti Baca punya baca korang pun naik luat, Apa? Nak tahu macam mana keadaan rumah? Tunggu Gambar ye, sebab keadaan still tak terurus, so nnt aku letaklaa dalam FB, InsyaAllah, kalau tak, bila jumpa aku tunjuk, malas nak ber show off ni, okayh. and of the record, Aku nak ucapkan jutaan terima kasih kat Farah Dee ni,dia ni BFF aku. So itu sahaja lahh, adioss amigos peeps

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Journey Into the History

Day 1.

The journey begins at train station(well of course), we took the train from the train station located at sidi gaber, our train leave at 8.30. The journey from Alexandria takes 3 hours and a half, so we arrived at Ramsis train station around 12. As soon  as we arrived at Ramsis we were looking for a van, but sadly we just a tourist there, so we don’t know where to go. Then I decided to cal my friend Anisa, and ask her where to go, then she said to me, to go to Abu Sabi’. Then we took the van to Abu Sabi’, along the way to the destination the driver was so angry, I think it is because the fees that he receive, probably because the money is not enough, so along the way I have to hear they mumbling, but its okay, I already get used to it. So after arrived at Abu Sabi’, I called Anisa and ask where to go. Ohh wait, our first agenda there, we decided to eat, then when Anisa show us where the restaurant is, we really happy, and we order nasi lemak, 4 of us order the same thing. When the food arrived I took some photo first, then we eat, all of us eat with a lot of passion and we enjoy every single bite. Only Allah knows how much we miss Malaysia’s food, so to stand a chance to eat, we didn’t waste a single bit of rise. After finish eating, we try to look for BAKAN Perak, but sady we didn’t found it, but luckily we found Bakan Kedah, so 4 of us, was decided to stay at rumah tetamu kedah. The desing of the house was really beautiful, some how I felt like I’m in Malaysia again, after unpack everything, we decided to have some rest, sadly 4 of us fall asleep until 7 p.m. on the night we had our dinner at the same place we had our lunch, but this time we all order nasi goreng, the food there was delicious some how, I was decided to never leave but sadly  I cant do that, because I study in Alexandria. That is the end of my first day.

Day 2.

Yesterday was the day where we looking for the food, then today come, the day that we will see the history in Cairo. We started the day with a breakfast, we had nasi lemak and roti canai. After breakfast all of us went to all Bakan that we can apply to know the details, the last Bakan that we went is Bakan Penang. After that, we headed to Saladin Al-Ayubi Fotress, while I was in the taxi, when the taxi driver drove infront of the Fotress, my Heart stunt for while to see the beauty of the fotress, and see how big it is, SubhanAllah, until today I still can picture the beauty of it, how our warrior that fought to win back Jurusalem, Saladin was also an architect, he invent this Mosque.

SubhanAllah, the beauty of the mosque still remain until today, for some moment I was feel like part of the history. The others beautifl experience that I have experinced was, while I was infront of the Mosque, taking picture of the mosque, Praise To Allah, that time the sky is clear blue, we are lucky because from there, we can see the Pyramid Of Giza, but sadly, our camera resolution cannot pincture the beauty of it, but still Allah creation, which is our eyes, makes me picture the beauty until today. After finish with the msque we went to Police Museum, theres nothing mu ch to describe about it, then we continue to military Museum.

 There we studied al the history of Egypt, we can see how Egypt fought to win their country, while in there, I saw one of the quotes that their president tell, and I think it is an amazing quotes, the quotes is like this, ‘One day, The day will come, the day that we will tell our children and grandchildren’ OK, soory I cant remember all of it, I onle manage to remember the intro, hehehe, sorry, for 4 straight ours we take an amazing tours there and been revealed by all the history. I am now really appreciate Egypt, and guess what, to come here, is gift from Allah through my parent, and I am thankful for that mum and dad. Then after that we went to Masjid 4 Mazhab, I don’t get the story behind of that mosque, but whats nice about the mosque is, the ceiling is made out from a stone that can be emerald and etc, because we are muslim, so we can enter there for free, and how I am proud to be an Islam. Islam is amazing because Alah realy makes it simple for HIS creation, which is US. We perform our solah there. After finish, we went to Kan Kalili, at first we thought we want to shop there, but then my friend tell that, this place is happening at night. So we decided to go to ARMA(Malaysian Ambassy), so we went there, we check in there, and we rest there before the night come. When the night come, we went to Kan Kalili back, there, we only shop T-shirt that says ‘I LOVE EGYPT’ and perfume, guess what, perfume here are really cheap, I bought 5 bottles of them, and I still looking for a perfume, for me to bring back to Malaysia. 3 hours there, really satisfied my needs. After finsih we went back to ARMA, the place that we are going to spend a night there, and that’s how I ended my 2nd day there.

Day 3.

For day 3, I am very sorry guys because its not much to be told, first we woke up, check out from ARMA at 11, after check out we went to City Stars, the best place to be called a shopping mall in EGYPT, and I guess that’s the only place here in Egypt that I can called Shopping mall, The Mall was so big, that me and my friends didn’t finish explore. There, we played bowling, first time I played bowling in Egypt, and it was fun, the rest of the trip is window shopping. Then at 6 p.m. we went back to Ramsis Train Station to head back to Alexandria.

That’s how my third day gone by, guys this is my second Travel Log, and I am sorry for the grammatical error, I am still learning it, and hope I can improve, I hope you enjoy reading this. Thank you, and till you hear again from me soon, Assalammualaikum.