Monday, September 26, 2011

27 September 2011

Assalammualaikum, hari ini ada lah hari aku akan berangkat ke bumi Mesir dari Malaysia, semoga Allah permudahkan urusan aku dan sahabat, dan semoga kami sampai ke destinasi dengan selamat.. :)

buat abah dan umi, Along sangat rindukan rumah dan family, supaya semua berada didalam keadaan yang sihat dan walafiat :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Indah Penciptaan Adam Dan Hawa

Pernahkah anda tertanya-tanya mengapa Hawa dijadikan oleh ALLAH S.W.T di saat Adam a.s tidur? Jawapannya seorang lelaki apabila kesakitan, maka dia akan membenci, manakala wanita sebaliknya.

Bagi wanita, saat dia kesakitan, maka semakin bertambah sayang dan cintanya. Seandainya Hawa diciptakan dari Adam As saat Adam terjaga, pastilah Adam akan merasakan sakit keluarnya Hawa dari tulang sulbinya, hingga dia membenci Hawa. Akan tetapi Hawa diciptakan dari Adam pada saat dia tertidur, agar Adam tidak merasakan kesakitan dan tidak membenci Hawa. Sementara seorang wanita akan melahirkan anak dalam keadaan terjaga, melihat kematian dihadapannya, namun semakin sayang dan cintanya kepada anak yang dilahirkan bahkan ia akan menebusnya dengan kehidupannya.

Sesungguhnya Allah menciptakan Hawa dari tulang rusuk yang bengkok yang tugasnya adalah melindungi qalbu (hati nurani). Oleh karena itu, tugas Hawa adalah menjaga qalbu. Kemudian Allah menjadikannya bengkok untuk melindungi qalbu dari sisi yang kedua. Sementara Adam diciptakan dari tanah, dia akan menjadi petani, tukang batu, tukang besi, dan tukang kayu. Wanita selalu berinteraksi dengan perasaaan, dengan hati, dan wanita akan menjadi seorang ibu yang penuh kasih sayang, seorang saudari yang penyayang, seorang putri yang manja, dan seorang istri yang penurut.

Dan wajib bagi Adam untuk tidak berusaha meluruskan tulang yang bengkok tersebut, seperti yang dikabarkan oleh Nabi Muhammad SAW, "jika seorang lelaki meluruskan yang bengkok tersebut dengan serta merta, maka dia akan mematahkannya." Maksudnya adalah dengan kebengkokan tersebut adalah perasaan yang ada pada diri seorang wanita yang mengalahkan perasaan seorang lelaki.

Maka wahai Adam janganlah merendahkan perasaan Hawa, dia memang diciptakan seperti itu. Apabila seseorang wanita mengatakan dia sedang bersedih, tetapi dia tidak menitikkan airmata, itu berarti dia sedang menangis di dalam hatinya. Apabila dia tidak menghiraukan kamu setelah kamu menyakiti hatinya, lebih baik beri dia waktu untuk menenangkan hatinya sebelum kamu meminta maaf.

Dan wanita sukar untuk mencari sesuatu yang dia benci untuk orang yang paling dia sayang.

Friday, March 11, 2011

The end is near,please,return to allah,stop committing SIn

TOKYO – A ferocious tsunami spawned by one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded slammed Japan's eastern coast Friday, killing at least 60 people as it swept away boats, cars and homes while widespread fires burned out of control. Tsunami warnings blanketed the entire Pacific, as far away as South America, Canada, Alaska and the entire U.S. West Coast.
The magnitude 8.9 offshore quake unleashed a 23-foot (7-meter) tsunami and was followed by more than 50 aftershocks for hours, many of them of more than magnitude 6.0.
Police said at least 60 people were killed and 56 were missing. The death toll was likely to continue climbing given the scale of the disaster.
Dozens of cities and villages along a 1,300-mile (2,100-kilometer) stretch of coastline were shaken by violent tremors that reached as far away as Tokyo, hundreds of miles (kilometers) from the epicenter.
"The earthquake has caused major damage in broad areas in northern Japan," Prime Minister Naoto Kan said at a news conference.
The International Atomic Energy Agency said Japan had closed four nuclear power plants as a precaution. A state of emergency was declared at one of the plants after its cooling system had a mechanical failure. Trouble was reported at two other nuclear plants as well, but there was no radiation leak at any.
Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said the emergency measure at the nuclear power plant in Fukushima was a precaution and that the facility was not in immediate danger.
Even for a country used to earthquakes, this one was of horrific proportions because of the tsunami that crashed ashore, swallowing everything in its path as it surged several miles (kilometers) inland before retreating. The apocalyptic images of surging water broadcast by Japanese TV networks resembled scenes from a Hollywood disaster movie.
Large fishing boats and other sea vessels rode high waves into the cities, slamming against overpasses or scraping under them and snapping power lines along the way. Upturned and partially submerged vehicles were seen bobbing in the water. Ships anchored in ports crashed against each other.

The highways to the worst-hit coastal areas were severely damaged and communications, including telephone lines, were snapped. Train services in northeastern Japan and in Tokyo, which normally serve 10 million people a day, were also suspended, leaving untold numbers stranded in stations or roaming the streets. Tokyo's Narita airport was closed indefinitely.
Jesse Johnson, a native of the U.S. state of Nevada, who lives in Chiba, north of Tokyo, was eating at a sushi restaurant with his wife when the quake hit.
"At first it didn't feel unusual, but then it went on and on. So I got myself and my wife under the table," he told The Associated Press. "I've lived in Japan for 10 years and I've never felt anything like this before. The aftershocks keep coming. It's gotten to the point where I don't know whether it's me shaking or an earthquake."
Waves of muddy waters flowed over farmland near the city of Sendai, carrying buildings, some on fire, inland as cars attempted to drive away. Sendai airport, north of Tokyo, was inundated with cars, trucks, buses and thick mud deposited over its runways. Fires spread through a section of the city, public broadcaster NHK reported.
More than 300 houses were washed away in Ofunato City alone. Television footage showed mangled debris, uprooted trees, upturned cars and shattered timber littering streets.
The tsunami roared over embankments, washing anything in its path inland before reversing directions and carrying the cars, homes and other debris out to sea. Flames shot from some of the houses, probably because of burst gas pipes.
"Our initial assessment indicates that there has already been enormous damage," Edano said. "We will make maximum relief effort based on that assessment."
He said the Defense Ministry was sending troops to the quake-hit region. A utility aircraft and several helicopters were on the way.
A large fire erupted at the Cosmo oil refinery in Ichihara city in Chiba prefecture and burned out of control with 100-foot (30 meter) -high flames whipping into the sky.
From northeastern Japan's Miyagi prefecture, NHK showed footage of a large ship being swept away and ramming directly into a breakwater in Kesennuma city.
NHK said more than 4 million buildings were without power in Tokyo and its suburbs.
Also in Miyagi, a fire broke out in a turbine building of a nuclear power plant. Smoke was observed coming out of the building, which is separate from the plant's reactor, and the cause is under investigation, said Tohoku Electric Power Co. the company said.
A reactor area of a nearby plant was leaking water, the company said. But it was unclear if the leak was caused by tsunami water or something else. There were no reports of radioactive leaks at any of Japan's nuclear plants.
Jefferies International Limited, a global investment banking group, said it estimated overall losses to be about $10 billion.
The U.S. Geological Survey said the 2:46 p.m. quake was a magnitude 8.9, the biggest earthquake to hit Japan since officials began keeping records in the late 1800s, and one of the biggest ever recorded in the world.
The quake struck at a depth of six miles (10 kilometers), about 80 miles (125 kilometers) off the eastern coast, the agency said. The area is 240 miles (380 kilometers) northeast of Tokyo.
A tsunami warning was extended to a number of Pacific, Southeast Asian and Latin American nations, including Japan, Russia, Indonesia, New Zealand and Chile. In the Philippines, authorities ordered an evacuation of coastal communities, but no unusual waves were reported.
Thousands of people fled their homes in Indonesia after officials warned of a tsunami up to 6 feet (2 meters) high. But waves of only 4 inches (10 centimeters) were measured. No big waves came to the Northern Mariana Islands, a U.S. territory, either.
The first waves were expected to hit Hawaii about 1400 GMT (9 a.m. EST) Friday, and could reach more than 6 feet (2 meters), the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said.
In downtown Tokyo, large buildings shook violently and workers poured into the street for safety. TV footage showed a large building on fire and bellowing smoke in the Odaiba district of Tokyo. The tremor bent the upper tip of the iconic Tokyo Tower, a 1,093-foot (333-meter) steel structure inspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
Osamu Akiya, 46, was working in Tokyo at his office in a trading company when the quake hit.
It sent bookshelves and computers crashing to the floor, and cracks appeared in the walls.
"I've been through many earthquakes, but I've never felt anything like this," he said. "I don't know if we'll be able to get home tonight."
Footage on NHK from their Sendai office showed employees stumbling around and books and papers crashing from desks. It also showed a glass shelter at a bus stop in Tokyo completely smashed by the quake and a weeping woman nearby being comforted by another woman.
Several quakes had hit the same region in recent days, including a 7.3 magnitude one on Wednesday that caused no damage.
Hiroshi Sato, a disaster management official in northern Iwate prefecture, said officials were having trouble getting an overall picture of the destruction.
"We don't even know the extent of damage. Roads were badly damaged and cut off as tsunami washed away debris, cars and many other things," he said.
Dozens of fires were reported in northern prefectures of Fukushima, Sendai, Iwate and Ibaraki. Collapsed homes and landslides were also reported in Miyagi.
Japan's worst previous quake was in 1923 in Kanto, an 8.3-magnitude temblor that killed 143,000 people, according to USGS. A 7.2-magnitude quake in Kobe city in 1996 killed 6,400 people.
Japan lies on the "Ring of Fire" — an arc of earthquake and volcanic zones stretching around the Pacific where about 90 percent of the world's quakes occur, including the one that triggered the Dec. 26, 2004, Indian Ocean tsunami that killed an estimated 230,000 people in 12 nations. A magnitude-8.8 temblor that shook central Chile last February also generated a tsunami and killed 524 people.

Monday, January 3, 2011

How Not to cares on what ppl said


People love to see your reaction to things, So just show them that you don't care, laugh, and walk away.

Always remember: life is way too short to care what others think. If they are low enough to criticize you, their opinion isn't worth valuing.

If someone makes a rude gesture towards you, ignore them. It makes them look stupid.

Remember that happiness is the key to value. Enjoy your life as much as you can and make the best out of every situation. If you are truly happy, then other people won't be able to bring you down with their judgments. If other people are truly happy, then you won't be able to bring them down with your judgments. Finding happiness is the definition of success in life.

Remember that the whole point of this article is to learn how not to care what people think about you. The only way to do that is not to care what they think about you. That means that you have to stop trying to get their respect.

People want a reaction. If you ignore them, they will realize it's no fun to taunt and make fun of you. Show them you don't care, and they'll get the message.

There is a difference between maintaining your inner-self and making a "reputation" for yourself. Show people who you are, if they don't like it, then don't worry about it. Don't try to change yourself because a few people disapprove - there are over six billion of us and you can't please everyone.

Realize that everyone has good and bad qualities, including you - those who emphasize their good qualities are generally more lovable. You can be too.

Be a leader and stop being a follower today. Be able to stand up to people, be independent, reliable, helpful and kind. Being a leader is having power over yourself.

Don't walk around trying to come up with clever answers to people that try to hurt you.Ignore people who think they know more about you than you do.

Make fun of yourself in a humble and witty way to acknowledge that you're not perfect and you don't care.

Replace your worries about what other people think about you with a preoccupation over your own goals, achievements and progress.

Realize that you are your own person and ultimately the only one in charge of your own actions and feelings. You cannot control other people but you can control how you react and feel about them. Be yourself! life is simply not fun if you are too worried about pleasing/offending other people that you can't even have a personality! Truth is, not everyone is going to like you anyway so why bother trying? Let them get mad over petty stuff if they want to, but don't become a victim of that kind of stupidity and small-mindedness. Just have fun.

You mean more to yourself than you mean to others - it's impossible to please everyone.

The world does not revolve around you - almost everyone you pass in your life has more on their minds than how you look.


Don't be afraid to be yourself. Don't change yourself just because someone wants you to or they are judging you. You are you, you can't be anyone different.

Don't expect others to change themselves just because you want them to or you are judging them. They are themselves, they can't be anyone different.

Don't speak or act submissively - show to others that you are a wild spirit and you roam this good old world with pride and will do what you want whether they like it or not.

Don't disrespect someone's opinion if that person is unkind and doesn't treat you with respect. You will only be as bad as that person if you disrespect them. You don't have to agree with them, but do respect them.