Sunday, February 12, 2012

Trip To KMS

4 month I'm in egypt, so much thing I have to face, new place, new experience, new friends, and new condition, all of the thing, sometimes, makes me feel very sad, and every time I get sad, I started to miss all my times that I used to have in KMS, I always dream and hoping to be a KMS student again, and how I hope I can open my eyes, and see all the building and the colour of the building in KMS. I also miss all of my friend there, or maybe best friend I would say.

But guess what, yasterday was the epic day of my life, and how I will remember all the things that I do yasterday, so, seat back, make sure you have your drinks and snacks with you, coz if you not with me yasterday, you might found it a little bit boring, BUT I don't care, it is my happiness.. :D

I arrived at KMS, at 11.25 a.m. when I arrive, quickly I go back to my old room at canopus T2-11, and meet my beloved roomates, chong, and hafiz, suddenly akram was not in there. When I was inside the room, I saw Hafiz was sleeping at his bed, quickly I grab a pillow, and I beat hafiz and I was like, 'bgn woi, bgn' hahahha. Then I ask him to go to ORION( cafeteria), but he said, he want to take his bath first, then I went to orion alone, at orion I meet most of my friend, norman, chee siang, and others, then I while I was waiting for my other friend, fatin, hamizah, and mira, I meet akmal, then they came, and so do hafiz, syahir, bong, bb,rahman. I was seating at ORION for almost hours, then me, hafiz, syahir, bong and syafiq, we went out to pekan banting, because they want to withdraw some money, then we went to Banting Baru, syafiq wants to cut his hair, while waiting 4 of us, we went to Karaoke, it was epic, hahahha, after that we went back to KMS, at 3.30 I think, I go back to Orion, to meet my other best friend fifi and ara(my cinderella) and norman was there too.

Then after that I went up back to my room to change cloth, and get ready to play Basket Ball, with my beloved roomates, praktikum mates Hafiz( the best friend), at basket ball I met everybody, some of them ask me, 'lama tak nampak kau main basket ball' and I was like 'mmg lama sgt la kan, aku dh klua la' hahahah, I really miss all of them, after finish playing basket ball I went back to my old room, then I went back down because Fatin called me, while waiting for Fatin I met Farah, fifi, and norman, farah and me took picture together, ok tkp ignore jee :P

then, after finish everything, I went back to the room, to take my bath, or else I'll be busuk, hahahha. after finish taking my bath, I perform my maghrib prayer, then waiting for hafiz, and akram to get ready, suppose we dinner at sir azli's house, ohh btw, forgot to tell, Sir Azli's admit at the guard I am his anak angkat, then I get my VIP pass, hahahah, then waiting for sir azli for so long, we perform isya prayer first, but what's the is, babah,nas, koriy also follow, we went to kanchong to eat, that was the last activity of the day, then the time for me to go back has come, I hug all of them, god, I feel like want to cry because for the 2nd time I have to be seperate with them again.. Guys, you have gave me strength, you gave me words, that I dont have to worry about everything, If Allah wills, I sure want to meet you guys again.. All of you are my BFF, like old ones would said, kawan biar beribu, kekasih biar satu, so among the thousand, all of you are in there, and forever, I will remember all of you, and hope to keep in touch with you guys soon.. miss all of you forever, and pray for all of guys the best in upcoming PSPM!!

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