Sunday, May 13, 2012

Nak Habaq Mai!

Okay, Semalam aku dan rakan2 serumah aku berpindah dari rumah lama ke rumah baru, nak cerita pun tak tau mana nak mula. Apa kata aku mula dengan persiapan di runah lama, sepatutnya kemas-kemas barang malam kelmarin, tapi, disebabkan gene M yang sangat besar dalam badan kita orang, kemas pun pagi semalam. Lepas tu stop kejap untuk solat Jumaat, start letak barang atas lori lepas solat jumaat, tapi sedih gila, aku punya carpet yang baru beli dan tak sempat nak rasmi lagi, hilang daaaa, sedih gila, tapi takpe laa, takde Rezeki laa kot, and aku pun malas laa nak fikir pasal tu. Sampai je rumah baru, letak semua benda alah kita orang dalam bilik, lepas tu, operasi kemas rumah pun mula, krew2 kemas rumah, Athirah,Nadrah,Fina,Izham,Aku,Hasif,Hafiz,Amir,Luqman, tu je lahh, krew angkat barang sorry aku tak mention, hihi. Then lepas penat, belanja laa semuaorg Fathirah coklat dan sosej.
Belah malam pulak kita orang deco bilik sendiri, dan Hasif laa yang jadi Eric leong, bagi idea letak katil gempak, then tak boleh tutup pintu, tapi tak apa, ada gak bahan best. masing2 dapat bilik sendiri, kecuali man dengan am. Cukup sampai situ, nanti Baca punya baca korang pun naik luat, Apa? Nak tahu macam mana keadaan rumah? Tunggu Gambar ye, sebab keadaan still tak terurus, so nnt aku letaklaa dalam FB, InsyaAllah, kalau tak, bila jumpa aku tunjuk, malas nak ber show off ni, okayh. and of the record, Aku nak ucapkan jutaan terima kasih kat Farah Dee ni,dia ni BFF aku. So itu sahaja lahh, adioss amigos peeps

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Journey Into the History

Day 1.

The journey begins at train station(well of course), we took the train from the train station located at sidi gaber, our train leave at 8.30. The journey from Alexandria takes 3 hours and a half, so we arrived at Ramsis train station around 12. As soon  as we arrived at Ramsis we were looking for a van, but sadly we just a tourist there, so we don’t know where to go. Then I decided to cal my friend Anisa, and ask her where to go, then she said to me, to go to Abu Sabi’. Then we took the van to Abu Sabi’, along the way to the destination the driver was so angry, I think it is because the fees that he receive, probably because the money is not enough, so along the way I have to hear they mumbling, but its okay, I already get used to it. So after arrived at Abu Sabi’, I called Anisa and ask where to go. Ohh wait, our first agenda there, we decided to eat, then when Anisa show us where the restaurant is, we really happy, and we order nasi lemak, 4 of us order the same thing. When the food arrived I took some photo first, then we eat, all of us eat with a lot of passion and we enjoy every single bite. Only Allah knows how much we miss Malaysia’s food, so to stand a chance to eat, we didn’t waste a single bit of rise. After finish eating, we try to look for BAKAN Perak, but sady we didn’t found it, but luckily we found Bakan Kedah, so 4 of us, was decided to stay at rumah tetamu kedah. The desing of the house was really beautiful, some how I felt like I’m in Malaysia again, after unpack everything, we decided to have some rest, sadly 4 of us fall asleep until 7 p.m. on the night we had our dinner at the same place we had our lunch, but this time we all order nasi goreng, the food there was delicious some how, I was decided to never leave but sadly  I cant do that, because I study in Alexandria. That is the end of my first day.

Day 2.

Yesterday was the day where we looking for the food, then today come, the day that we will see the history in Cairo. We started the day with a breakfast, we had nasi lemak and roti canai. After breakfast all of us went to all Bakan that we can apply to know the details, the last Bakan that we went is Bakan Penang. After that, we headed to Saladin Al-Ayubi Fotress, while I was in the taxi, when the taxi driver drove infront of the Fotress, my Heart stunt for while to see the beauty of the fotress, and see how big it is, SubhanAllah, until today I still can picture the beauty of it, how our warrior that fought to win back Jurusalem, Saladin was also an architect, he invent this Mosque.

SubhanAllah, the beauty of the mosque still remain until today, for some moment I was feel like part of the history. The others beautifl experience that I have experinced was, while I was infront of the Mosque, taking picture of the mosque, Praise To Allah, that time the sky is clear blue, we are lucky because from there, we can see the Pyramid Of Giza, but sadly, our camera resolution cannot pincture the beauty of it, but still Allah creation, which is our eyes, makes me picture the beauty until today. After finish with the msque we went to Police Museum, theres nothing mu ch to describe about it, then we continue to military Museum.

 There we studied al the history of Egypt, we can see how Egypt fought to win their country, while in there, I saw one of the quotes that their president tell, and I think it is an amazing quotes, the quotes is like this, ‘One day, The day will come, the day that we will tell our children and grandchildren’ OK, soory I cant remember all of it, I onle manage to remember the intro, hehehe, sorry, for 4 straight ours we take an amazing tours there and been revealed by all the history. I am now really appreciate Egypt, and guess what, to come here, is gift from Allah through my parent, and I am thankful for that mum and dad. Then after that we went to Masjid 4 Mazhab, I don’t get the story behind of that mosque, but whats nice about the mosque is, the ceiling is made out from a stone that can be emerald and etc, because we are muslim, so we can enter there for free, and how I am proud to be an Islam. Islam is amazing because Alah realy makes it simple for HIS creation, which is US. We perform our solah there. After finish, we went to Kan Kalili, at first we thought we want to shop there, but then my friend tell that, this place is happening at night. So we decided to go to ARMA(Malaysian Ambassy), so we went there, we check in there, and we rest there before the night come. When the night come, we went to Kan Kalili back, there, we only shop T-shirt that says ‘I LOVE EGYPT’ and perfume, guess what, perfume here are really cheap, I bought 5 bottles of them, and I still looking for a perfume, for me to bring back to Malaysia. 3 hours there, really satisfied my needs. After finsih we went back to ARMA, the place that we are going to spend a night there, and that’s how I ended my 2nd day there.

Day 3.

For day 3, I am very sorry guys because its not much to be told, first we woke up, check out from ARMA at 11, after check out we went to City Stars, the best place to be called a shopping mall in EGYPT, and I guess that’s the only place here in Egypt that I can called Shopping mall, The Mall was so big, that me and my friends didn’t finish explore. There, we played bowling, first time I played bowling in Egypt, and it was fun, the rest of the trip is window shopping. Then at 6 p.m. we went back to Ramsis Train Station to head back to Alexandria.

That’s how my third day gone by, guys this is my second Travel Log, and I am sorry for the grammatical error, I am still learning it, and hope I can improve, I hope you enjoy reading this. Thank you, and till you hear again from me soon, Assalammualaikum.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

This Is It!

As Promise to my beloved BFF, I am now fulfilling my promise to her, this entry is especially to her, but, if you are KMS Student I hope you will enjoy reading this also, because this is for all of you too. Okay, here it goes,I join you guys for a battle, but sadly, I retreat from the battle a few month before the date of the first battle which is PSPM semester 1, and alhamdulilah I got the news that we have won the battle, we got number 2 for overall ranking of all matriculation, although I'm not there but to hear that news, really makes me proud. Now all of you are going to enter the second battle of all time, also known as your last battle, for almost a year you practice, you prepare yourself to make yourself perfect, everyday you attend lecture, tutorials, and practical, to learn new things, before the final battle. You sacrifice your time to sleep, just to finish your assingments and stuff, you sacrifice your lovely Saturday morning to attend extra class that some lecture prepare for you, as you think about giving up or you are down, think about all that you have done, think about when you get out from that gate after the last paper finish, you want to feel relieve and think that you have done your best or you want to feel the other way. Ask yourself what are going to be? What you want for your future? No matter what result you get for your final sem 1, don't despair and never give up, believe that you can achieve Excellent when it is finish. This column is for my beloved friend Farah Dee, also known as ara, and also known as my one and only cinderella there,knowing you is great, tak menyesal ikut aqeel that evening when we first met, than the next day on friday after class,I remember I ask or your number, hehehhe, and tak stop texting sampai ahad, hahaha, so as a token of thankful, I would like to say this, I hope you will forget about the last semeseter, and I pray that you can achieve something great and hope you can achieve your dream, ingat semua pesanan I masa I blk hari tu, I tell you everything, dont ever ever give up okayh, or malas or anything you fikir you dah nak habis dah, and after this you akan rehat for 5 month at least, so jangan fikir apa, just keluarkan semua penat you, fight till the end okayh, later, on jun, when I balik, I akan call you bila dah sampai okayh, InsyaAllah its a promise.. Lastly, before I end this entry, I would like to thank to all of my friends in KMS, for the great memories that you guys gave me, you bring me joy when I'm sad, you cheer me up when I'm about to cry, you guys gave me memories that cannot be bought by billion of dollar, it was great memories and surely about you guys, I'm going to tell the stories again in the future, and I will miss all of you forever, and I hope all of you also the same, thank you very much! :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

In Egypt!

Hye guyssss, sorry lee lama menghilang, bkn apa, sedih sebenarnya nak kena balik egypt hr tuhh, masuk hari nihh dah 5 hr dh kt sini, firstly I really miss being with my family, especially my mother, rindu gila tiap2 mlm urut kaki umi, hmmmm, lps tu rindu plak kwn2, time dkt Malaysia dulu kalau mlm menjelang tiba jee, msti ada bnd nk buat, then kat malaysia slalu txt org, smpai sini, phn mcm brg peninggalan je.. lps tu kena pulak time zone berbeza-beza pulakk kann, haishhh, nak Malaysia!! nk Malaysia jugak! hmm tkp laa, skng ni pun tgh rehat sebenarnya, tk tau nk buat apa, housemate plak tgh membuta, hadehhhh, sat lagi nak study blk, sem ni tk blh buang masa dah, every second flow is a gold now! ok la korg, dh tkd idea dh ni sebenarnya, bye2 till we meet again, take care, and followers!! I miss you, and my friend in Malaysia, I really miss you guys!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2 Politics

Democracy, tu lahh yg kebanyakkan Org2 kita berpegang teguh, mahu menukar semua sistem, saya berkata, saya tk berpihak dr sape2 baik dr kerajaan mahupun Pembangkang, sudah byk yg kita lihatkan di kaca tv, parti lain saling menjatuhkan parti lain, revolusi sana, revolusi sini, what I'm trying to say is, what if semua tu tk penting, ya! semua ada baik dan buruk dia, tp kalau kita bersatu, pasti kita akan mencapai sesuatu yg selama ini kita tk pernah capai.

Ada hadis menyatakan islam bangun dr timur, tapi apa yang kita di timur buat? saling jatuh-menjatuhkan sesama sendiri, sesama islam mengugut utk memukul, saudara islam yang lain, bergaduh sana, bergaduh sini, semata-mata mempertahankan parti politik masing2, cuba kita renungkan, kenapa kita terlalu obses dlm dunia politik yang tidak berunsurkan keislaman? Sudah terang lagi bersuluh, kita sendiri dpt lihat macam mana pergolakkan antara Politk di negara kita ini, bagaimana ahli2 bn, yang ada cuba nk memukul org yg menurunkan bendera. Bagaimana pulak org Islam yg minum arak, berzina, bergaduh sesama sendiri, kenapa tindakkan ke atas mereka tidak di ambil, kenapa kita mesti serahkan semua tu kpd badan keislaman? Senyap dan berfikir sejenak. Tak malukah kita, orang2 diluar sana melihat kita post2 vidio dlm youtube, ttg apa berlaku di negara kita, ttg pergolakkan politik yang berlaku di negara kita? percayalah orang2 yahudi laknatullah sedang bergelak ketawa melihat karenah kita.

Pada saya, pergaduhan antara BN dan PKR harus berhenti, hentikan saling jatuh- menjatuhi antara satu sama lain, dr kita bersusah payah, cuba memecahkan malaysia yg serba aman ini, kepada dua pihak yang berlainan ideologi, dr kita cuba untuk menuntut hak kebebasan rakyat, lebih baik kita cuba utk bersedia utk hari yang mendatang, iaitu kemunculan Dajal yang akan memecah belahkan lagi umat RasulAllah. Dari berjuang utk mendapatkan hak rakyat, lebih elok kita berjuang utk mnyatukan Umat islam di Malaysia, kita kuatkan Islam di negara kita, mula bangun dr permainan yahudi laknatullah ini..

Pegaduhan serta pergolakkan idiologi dlm politik ini, harus berhenti dengan segera, kalau semua umat islam nak bergaduh dlm politik, siapa yang nak menegakkan islam, dan percayalah, kalau kita terlalu leka dengan semua ini, org israel tidak akan teragak-agak utk masuk campur dan memecahbelahkan umat islam, dengan terus menerusnya, Kita di kurniakan Allah Nikmat utk berfikir, jadi gunakan lah ia dengan baik!

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Circle of life..

Kita dilahirkan, dibesarkan, kawin, tua, dan kembali ke ilahi.. itu adalah perkara biasa yang kita sering lihat, tp sepanjang perjalanan hidup kita dan apa yang berlaku dekat sekeliling kita kita tk pernah nampak, heres goes some info, harap korg dpt terima la, sy bukanlah penceramah atau pun pakar motivasi mana2, just an average joe, that want to change the world..

Almost 2 hours I sit at the chair provided by sunway pyramid while waiting for my friend, infront of the maxis store. While waiting, I saw this one kid, age around 6, was having fun jumping, stepping and running. Benda tu, menyentuh hati aku, and aku strt flash back, zaman aku masa tu, how I used to have fun, running, jumping, stepping and shouting at the super market or shopping mall, but as I grow older and older, what I used to have strt to disappear, and almost all the timw I'll be in the bad mood. What I'm trying to say is, kenapa bila kita makin dewasa kita jd kurang have fun, or enjoy life like we used to it before? it is called physically change because of the enviroment, kita makin membesar and emotional kita pun mula berubah. Life is about enjoy every second of our life. Dlm kita study, kita kena jgk have fun, bkn lah have fun mcm clubbing and etc, we can have fun in so many ways, w/o rosakkan life kita sndiri.

Let me get straight to the point, what I'm trying to say is, knp kita msti nak malu enjoy hidup kita, just sbb umur kita yg jd semakin tua tiap2 thn, kegembiraan yg kita pernah lalui sebenarnya tidak seharusnya kita hlgkan, kita tk spttnya berasa sedih, spt kata org putih, life is too short to be in sad mood, tk perlu sebenarnya kita nk rasa malu dgn org lain, nk buat bnd just nk impress org, smua tu tk pntg, our life is our responsibility to paint it nice.

Lepas tu, kita tkt kadang2 kita diejek sbb berperangai mcm budak2, pedulikan apa org nk ckp dkt kita, it just they don't like to see us happy, so they say something to make us sad, its actually they jealous of us, thats all, so why bothere about what people said about us, always remember sentiasa terima teguran but jgn terima kutukan. Org lain blh kutuk kita, diorg blh maki kita, dorg blh bnci kita, but hey? whats so called life w/o haters ite, sebenarnya, org yg mmbnci kita ni lahh yg sebenarnya membangunkan kita.

Masalah lain yang I used to see infront of my eyes is, how some ppl, dorg pk dorg dh bsar, then bila dorg rasa kita dh ckp umur, dorg akn suruh kita jgn bergaul dgn budak2, sebab ianya akn jatuhkan reputasi kita sbg seorg dewasa. I want to say this to those who said it to us, knp nk lrg kita bergaul dgn bdak2, knp nk jaga sgt standard and pendirian, kita pernah dr dunia tu, dunia di mana kita selalu have fun and tk pernah pk psl apa perasaan bila dilukakn and etc, sebenarnya kanak2 or budak2 yg umur dia bwh 10 thn ni lahh, pengubat luka kita, why not bergaul dgn dorg, pedulikan apa yg org nk kata, and letakkan kita di tempat mereka semasa kita dgn mereka, and percayalah, korg akn merasa keajaiban dia. A good people is not who always archive execellent in their life, but good ppl is the one who knows how to threat and help the young ones for a better future..

Next is I want to talk about perception of ppl in double standard division, sometimes we can see some of rich ppl, how they look and how they treat ppl with less money, they called them org miskin, and kadang2 ada parent yg melarang anak dorg berkawan dgn org yg tk setaraf dgn mereka, my point is? why kita msti nk melarang org, bkn k sblm kita sng, kita akn mngalami kesusahan, tkd org yg dilahirkan sempurna, usaha seseorg lah yg mnyempurnakan kita. As a conclusion, berkawanlah kita dgn smua org, apa slhnya kalau org itu org kpg skali pun, jgn laa cuba utk memecahbelahkan hidup kita, andai kata kita diberi nikmat kaya oleh allah, jgn la kita takabbur dan riak dgn nikmat yg kita peroleh, dgn org yg kurang nikmatnya. Allah maha adil, setiap hamban2nya telah diagihkan nikmat sama rata, tiada yg lbih kaya berbanding Allah, setiap apa yg kita peroleh hanyalah pinjaman allah kepada kita, sentiasa igt, Allah boleh memberi serta Allah juga boleh mngambilnya blk, sama dgn nyawa, Allah meniup roh kedalam bdn kita apanila kita sudah smpai 5 bulan didalam kandungan ibu kita, dan Allah juga blh ambilnya kembali, apabila hidup kita sudah tiba di penghujugnya, jd, berfikirlah kita sejenak, ttg kehidupan yg kita perolehi, dan mcm mana kita mencorakkan hidup kita..


Kenapa korang kena pergi Pulau Payar

Pulau payar merupakan 1 pulau drp 99 pulau yg ada di langkawi. Untuk pergi ke pulau Payar, korg blh naik ferry dkt jetty kuah, kos pembayaran utk ke sana arround RM170, tp yg pntng bwh 200 la. Perjalanan dr jeti kuah ke Pualau Payar mengambil masa 45 minit(korg sempat tido la kalau nak, heheheh. Bila sampai kat Pulau Payar, korg akan naik bot khas utk pgy ke sana. Sampai sahaja di jeti Pulau Payar, pemikiran korg akan tenang, sbb pemandangan bukit2, serta air yg jernih, dan ikan2 yg ada di dalam air tersebut. Korg akan dibenarkan utk bermandi, snorkeling serta diving dkt pulau tersebut sehingga pukul 3.30.

Apa yang menarik di Pulau Payar?

Ini merupakan kejernihan air di Pulau Payar, kejernihan air laut ini, memudahkan kita semua untuk snorkelig dgn mudah, dan dpt melihat keindahan flora dan fauna di dalam air..

Selain itu, korg jgk dpt merasakan pengalaman apabila berenang bersama jerung, di Pulau Payar, terdapat lebih dr 10 ekor jerung, dlm pelbagai size, perasaan bila kita sedang berenang kemudian jerung lintas di hadapan, fuhhh, mmg seram, tp jgn risau jerung tu tk makan kita, kalau kita tk kacau dia, kita juga di larang utk memberi makan kpd ikan-ikan yg ada di dalam air. Jerung2 tersebut smuanya dtg dr Pulau Kaca, senang cerita, dekat Pulau Kaca tu nest area dia laa, Kalau korg tk percaya. Heres some photo..

Last skali, korg memang kena dtg Pulau Payar and lihat keindahan dia dengan mata korg sendiri, and rasa pengalaman berenang dengan jerung..

Sekian Dari saya, Adli...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Life as we know it

Dlm hidup ni, mcm2 dugaan akan dtg dkt kita, ada dugaan yg mampu kita hadapi, ada juga dugaan yg kita mampu hadapi tp perlukan pertolongan, tetapi tkd dugaan yang kita tk mampu nk hadapi, sebab Allah maha adil, Allah akan trunkan ujian kpd kita berdasarkan apa yang kita mampu, jd kenapa kita nk bersedih, bila dugaan menimpa kita, itu tanda Allah sygkn kita.

Okay first, bila org hina kita, org kutuk kita, kita jd sdih, kdg2 ada yang smpai bunuh diri, bila dugaan trlalu bsr, subhanallah, igtlah kita ada allah, kita ada alquran, jalan tu ada, penyelesaian tu ada,kita cuma harus mncari shj. selain itu, kala org hina kita or kutuk kita, trskan laa bersabar, sesungguhnya, iman kita akan bertambah, and sntiasa laa brpk, org yg kutuk kita tu sebenarnya dia cemburu dgn apa yg kita ada, apa kita, dia tk suka tgk mcm mana kita skrng, dia pun kutuk lah kita dan cuba jatuhkan kita and bg kita tk bersemangat nk trskan hdp. And igtlah, org blh bnci kita, org blh kutuk kita, tp jgn laa kita bnci dorg and kutuk dorg, kalau tk, tkd laa beza dia antara kita dgn dorg, so kalau korg dlm masalah ni, korg sabar and bykkan berdoa agar Allah bukakan pintu hati dorg, okayh?

second, kalau kegagalan menimpa kita, peribahasa jepun ada menyebut, jatuh kali ketujuh, kita bgn utk kali kelapan, peribahasa tu jelas bg tau kita, yg tk kira brp kali kita gagal, tk semestinya kita org yg gagal, org yg gagal is org yg bila gagal dia hlg keyakinan dan hlg smngt utk trs berusaha. Ilmu tu luas terbentang dpn mata kita, kita cuma perlu gali shj dan tingkatkan usaha. sebenarnya kegagalan itu is the best experience for us, dgn kegagalan kita dpt merasa kejayaan suatu masa nnt.. this is some quote that I have by watching movie..

Behind Great success lies great sacrifice. -amitabh batchan

experience that you get, is when youd dont get what you want.. -Dr. Randy Paush

jadi, kenapa kita nk menyerah trlalu awl, br gagal skali, kita putus asa dan tknk belajar, tingkatkan usaha, dan bgn bila jatuh, jgn berserah terlalu mudah, dan perbanyakkan usaha dan tawakkal, dan igt lahh, cukup lah bg kita allah, dia la sebaik2 tmpt utk kita berserah, bukan rokok, bukan dadah, bkn arak, serta bkn syaitan, dont despair and never lose hope, Allah is always with us..

Trip To KMS

4 month I'm in egypt, so much thing I have to face, new place, new experience, new friends, and new condition, all of the thing, sometimes, makes me feel very sad, and every time I get sad, I started to miss all my times that I used to have in KMS, I always dream and hoping to be a KMS student again, and how I hope I can open my eyes, and see all the building and the colour of the building in KMS. I also miss all of my friend there, or maybe best friend I would say.

But guess what, yasterday was the epic day of my life, and how I will remember all the things that I do yasterday, so, seat back, make sure you have your drinks and snacks with you, coz if you not with me yasterday, you might found it a little bit boring, BUT I don't care, it is my happiness.. :D

I arrived at KMS, at 11.25 a.m. when I arrive, quickly I go back to my old room at canopus T2-11, and meet my beloved roomates, chong, and hafiz, suddenly akram was not in there. When I was inside the room, I saw Hafiz was sleeping at his bed, quickly I grab a pillow, and I beat hafiz and I was like, 'bgn woi, bgn' hahahha. Then I ask him to go to ORION( cafeteria), but he said, he want to take his bath first, then I went to orion alone, at orion I meet most of my friend, norman, chee siang, and others, then I while I was waiting for my other friend, fatin, hamizah, and mira, I meet akmal, then they came, and so do hafiz, syahir, bong, bb,rahman. I was seating at ORION for almost hours, then me, hafiz, syahir, bong and syafiq, we went out to pekan banting, because they want to withdraw some money, then we went to Banting Baru, syafiq wants to cut his hair, while waiting 4 of us, we went to Karaoke, it was epic, hahahha, after that we went back to KMS, at 3.30 I think, I go back to Orion, to meet my other best friend fifi and ara(my cinderella) and norman was there too.

Then after that I went up back to my room to change cloth, and get ready to play Basket Ball, with my beloved roomates, praktikum mates Hafiz( the best friend), at basket ball I met everybody, some of them ask me, 'lama tak nampak kau main basket ball' and I was like 'mmg lama sgt la kan, aku dh klua la' hahahah, I really miss all of them, after finish playing basket ball I went back to my old room, then I went back down because Fatin called me, while waiting for Fatin I met Farah, fifi, and norman, farah and me took picture together, ok tkp ignore jee :P

then, after finish everything, I went back to the room, to take my bath, or else I'll be busuk, hahahha. after finish taking my bath, I perform my maghrib prayer, then waiting for hafiz, and akram to get ready, suppose we dinner at sir azli's house, ohh btw, forgot to tell, Sir Azli's admit at the guard I am his anak angkat, then I get my VIP pass, hahahah, then waiting for sir azli for so long, we perform isya prayer first, but what's the is, babah,nas, koriy also follow, we went to kanchong to eat, that was the last activity of the day, then the time for me to go back has come, I hug all of them, god, I feel like want to cry because for the 2nd time I have to be seperate with them again.. Guys, you have gave me strength, you gave me words, that I dont have to worry about everything, If Allah wills, I sure want to meet you guys again.. All of you are my BFF, like old ones would said, kawan biar beribu, kekasih biar satu, so among the thousand, all of you are in there, and forever, I will remember all of you, and hope to keep in touch with you guys soon.. miss all of you forever, and pray for all of guys the best in upcoming PSPM!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Langkawi Trip Day 2

lps 7 jam rehat, dr penat di hr pertama, aku bgn awl masa hr kedua, bgn2 jee, trs solat, lps tu main Xbox, sbb time tu pg lagi, then lps pukul 8, aku bgn pgy breakfast kt lobby, sorg2, sedih jee, forever alone, heheheh, breakfast aku, mkn nasi lemak laa, ssh nk dpt nasi lemak kat mesir nnt. lepas breakfast aku naik blk bilik, utk tggu yg lain2 siap. lepas smua org siap, kiteorg smua pun klua utk pgy ke destinasi pertama, Langkawi bird paradise
Banyak jgk bnd best dekat sini, well, msti laa korg use to pgy bird park lain dkt Malaysia ni kan, tp apa slhnya kalau korg cuba utk pgy dkt bird park ni, dia mcm open space punya bird park, korg blh bg makan dkt burung2 yang ada dkt situ, and dkt situ bkn ada burung je, ada jgk laa binatang2 lain, yg comel2 smua, and smua binatang korg blh bg mkn, itu yg bestnya, utk bli mknn dia, actually not bad, dlm 6 ringgit satu, dlm tu ada pelbagai jenis mknn, bila korg pgy langkawi, do visit Langkawi Bird Paradise.

Next stop, kiteorg smu pgy taman buaya, actually, taman tu dah lama dah, masa aku umur 3 thn dulu dh ada dh, tp best laa, kalau korg nk tgk buaya byk2 dpn mata, situ laa korg pgy, ada jgk show dorg buat, spt, tunjuk bhg buaya yg plg mahal, then dorg buat aksi dgn buaya yg dorg kata, among the biggest, mmg dasyat dorg buat aksi, dorg brg atas buaya tu, and ada plak yang cium buaya tu, mmg gila, lps tu ada jgk yg msk kan tgn dlm buaya tu, nsb baik laa tk kena telan, kalau tk, mmg tak tau apa jd, next is, dorg bg mkn buaya, mula dgn sorg ni pgy dkt satu tempat, dia tiup wisel and hampir smua buaya pgy dkt dia, byk gila kot buaya, and dlm byk2 tu, ada satu buaya plg besar, tp apa yg dorg bg mkn, tk best sikit, sbb dia just bg mkn ikan, igtkan dorg nk bg mkn lembu ke kambing ke, hehehhe..

Lepas habis dgn buaya, kiteorg pun gerak blk hotel, guess that the end of the adventure on day 2, tp sblm kiteorg smpai hotel, kiteorg singgah kejap dekat makam mahsuri(lagenda langkawi, kt mana dorg kata, mahsuri ni mati dibunuh and drh dia warna putih, wallahualam) tp kiteorg tk msk, kiteorg just lalu jee, tp yg lainnya, last aku dtg dlm 11 thn lepas, tmpt tu byk dh brubah, nk msk dulu tk pyh byr pun, tp skng dh kena byr, plus dulu pgy, tkd bangunan sgt, skng pnuh, well thats what we call Malaysia makin maju right, well btl laa tu.. and sblm blk jgk kiteorg mula2 igt nk pgy mkn dkt pasir hitam, tp cr punya cr tk jumpa pun psr hitam, pasir putih ada laa, mungkin yg hitam tu dh tuka jd putih kot, heheheh..

Lepas habis mkn, kteorg pun gerak blk hotel, and bila mlm, kiteorg pgy dkt HAJI ISMAIL GROUP(kedai yg plg famous dkt langkawi, dia terletak dkt pekan kuah), kalau korg rajin nk bli chocolate ke, pgy laa kt situ, kedai tu dia ada 3 kdai besar, satu jual bag2, and satu lg jual pinggan mangkuku, kalau sape yg minat, blh la pgy sana, mmg menarik, and plg best, smua bebas cukai, aku bli byk choc, utk kwn2 jugak, huhuhu, and guess this is the end of trip day 2, last trip will write tomorrow. till then, bye2 <3

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Langkawi Trip Day 1

Tiba di airport langkawi pd pukul 11, lps tu sbb kereta tk smpai lagi, kiteorg sekeluarga naik van pgy bayview hotel, lps tu check in smua, lps tu kteorg smua pgy lunch dkt gerai nasi lemak, sedap nasi lemak dia, kedai dia btl2 dpn maybank dkt pekan kuah, korg smua mmg wajib pgy. lps tu, kami smua, pgy blk bilik and siap2, petang tu kteorg smua pgy Pantai Chenang. Dkt pantai Chenang mmg best gila, ramai jgk laa tourist baik yang melayu hinggalah ke org putih, pantai tu mmg a destination to set bila korg pgy langkawi, pasir2 dia lembut, mmg a good place to have a vacation, dkt situ jugak, aku merasa jet ski, selepas sekian lama aku tk naik, mmg best, 100 ringgit utk setengah jam, aku rasa berbaloi kot, compare to other place. lps tu aku dgn adik pgy mandi laut, mmg best, sbb time tu air surut, so jauh mana korg pgy pun, tk dlm lagi, lps smua pnat bermain sakan, kteorg pgy dinner dkt satu restoran ni, dkt restoran ni, aku order mee kungfu( first time masa kt mesir), mmg sdap laa, rasa dia tk sama mcm dkt mesir.. lps habis mkn smua, kiteorg blk hotel blk, spttnya mlm tu nk tengok Man Uniter(peberet team) lwn Chelsea(dr dulu tk pnah nk suka), tp sbb aku skng ni cpt sgt ngantuk, aku pun tido laa, and adik2 aku and ayah aku je yg pgy tgk game tu.. so Hari first aku smpai situ je laa.. nnt aku cerita psl hari kedua plak, and tmpt apa korg kena pgy..