Sunday, May 9, 2010


when there is dark,

there is always have light to guide you,

when u r crying,

there always be something to cheer u up,

when u r all alone,

there always be someone who will be there for you,

when u feel like there is no hope for you,

put a little trust on yourself,

when u make someone cry,

straightly appologize to that person,

there i speak upon the night and day,

i'm sorry for all the thing i've made,

i just forgot about wht day it is,

i hope for ur forgiveness,

i take this oppurtinity,

i take this chance that i have,

just to wish u happy mother's day,

i love u mum,

i will always love you,

thx for bring me to this world,

i am grateful to have u mum,

u took care of me until what i am,

till death,u will always be my mother.


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