Thursday, April 12, 2012

This Is It!

As Promise to my beloved BFF, I am now fulfilling my promise to her, this entry is especially to her, but, if you are KMS Student I hope you will enjoy reading this also, because this is for all of you too. Okay, here it goes,I join you guys for a battle, but sadly, I retreat from the battle a few month before the date of the first battle which is PSPM semester 1, and alhamdulilah I got the news that we have won the battle, we got number 2 for overall ranking of all matriculation, although I'm not there but to hear that news, really makes me proud. Now all of you are going to enter the second battle of all time, also known as your last battle, for almost a year you practice, you prepare yourself to make yourself perfect, everyday you attend lecture, tutorials, and practical, to learn new things, before the final battle. You sacrifice your time to sleep, just to finish your assingments and stuff, you sacrifice your lovely Saturday morning to attend extra class that some lecture prepare for you, as you think about giving up or you are down, think about all that you have done, think about when you get out from that gate after the last paper finish, you want to feel relieve and think that you have done your best or you want to feel the other way. Ask yourself what are going to be? What you want for your future? No matter what result you get for your final sem 1, don't despair and never give up, believe that you can achieve Excellent when it is finish. This column is for my beloved friend Farah Dee, also known as ara, and also known as my one and only cinderella there,knowing you is great, tak menyesal ikut aqeel that evening when we first met, than the next day on friday after class,I remember I ask or your number, hehehhe, and tak stop texting sampai ahad, hahaha, so as a token of thankful, I would like to say this, I hope you will forget about the last semeseter, and I pray that you can achieve something great and hope you can achieve your dream, ingat semua pesanan I masa I blk hari tu, I tell you everything, dont ever ever give up okayh, or malas or anything you fikir you dah nak habis dah, and after this you akan rehat for 5 month at least, so jangan fikir apa, just keluarkan semua penat you, fight till the end okayh, later, on jun, when I balik, I akan call you bila dah sampai okayh, InsyaAllah its a promise.. Lastly, before I end this entry, I would like to thank to all of my friends in KMS, for the great memories that you guys gave me, you bring me joy when I'm sad, you cheer me up when I'm about to cry, you guys gave me memories that cannot be bought by billion of dollar, it was great memories and surely about you guys, I'm going to tell the stories again in the future, and I will miss all of you forever, and I hope all of you also the same, thank you very much! :)


Fara Dee said...

Ahh terharunya :') Thanks Adli, insyaallah I akan buat habis baik :)

Adli Zil Ikram said...

hehehe, see you when I get back kayh :)