Friday, July 23, 2010

An Advanture day :D

Today me and my other friend went to Extream park at section13,we play for one hour,there was girls and boy,total 12 people,we just play it for fun .
after that we went to kfc for a drink,at kfc,my friend's farhan,embarrassing him self he spilled the ice on the floor,seriously all of us was like,'what the hell,i seriously don't know him'..:P
then we're all going back,some of us ride a bike to go back,but me and my three other friends have to take cab to go back,but we don't have enough credit to call the cab,so we decided to find the cab side road,but we didn't make it because all the taxi driver is really arrogant,there was 14 cab passing by,and none of them stop ..
when we almost arrive at giant supermarket,we saw a bus,a rapid kl bus,at that time the bus was already move,we all run towards the bus to make sure the bus stop ..
yeah i know its stupid and embarrassing but it was a fun day :D

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