Thursday, July 22, 2010

what a day :D

Today i woke up at 6.45, after i woke up i take my morning bath,it takes 30 min for me to get ready to go to school,fyi i don't have my breakfast every morning before i go to school ..
today i have PE class, which is our class 5A battle in futsal with 5C, before this we called losers by other class because we always lose,but today we win,i know its sound weird,but hey,this is blog,so we can write what ever we want .
after PE class is my 'sivik' class,then followed with physics,English and math ..
today i don't know why ??
but I'm not paying attention in the class,but the best is during my math class,i played a lot,every time the teacher stop talking,me and Farhan will do some noisy noise which is disturb our other friends,but they all laughed so what the hell ...
this is me,enjoying day by day ..
i love to enjoy,but when it comes to serious situation,I'll be more serious :D
-The End-

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