Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fasting Month

Assalamualaikum people,aren't we suppose to be happy because today is a very good day and this month is a very good month also.
Today 11 of august 2010,which happen to be the first Ramadan also,i'm so happy because this year i've been given by allah a chance to live and celebrate the fasting month,i want my Ramadan this year is better than the last year,i want to improve in my ibadah,and i want to go back to the correct path way,i dnt want to be a bad muslim,i want to be a good muslim.My target for this Ramadan is trying not to miss terwikh,eventhough this year is turn out to be my spm year,but i still have to perform a lot of sunat prayer and the waji prayer not to forget,and i also have a night tuition,so that a consequences that i have to take,so i go to tuition first then after tuition,i'll perform terawikh alone by my self..
thats all for today folks,i wish you guys a happy fasting month,and please don't missed it even one day,except for girl that are period,because you have to take sometimes and to think whether this is our last Ramadan ??
who know what will happen in the future so,don't give up if you not larat or anything,that is somethings that you have to overcome,because that is fasting ..
assalamualaikum ppl :)

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