Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Today .. :)

Today,i woke up at 6.55,last night i slept at 3 o'clock,the reason i slept that late is because i was busy playing my psp,yeah i know its not good,today at school i was so tired,tired until i cant open my eyes,so i tried to sleep at school,but i didn't stand a chance tho,so i force my eyes to be open until 1 o'clock,damn so tired,then i went back home,open my school uniform,throw it and hang it,get a towel,sit in front of the television,then when it comes to zuhur prayers,i woke up and perform my solat,then lie down at the sofa,and hell yes i got nice sleep,but by nice sleep never last at all,because all of the sudden my phone were ring 4 times,all of it from my friends,one of them ask me whether want to go to bazaar or not,and the other 3 ask me to go out and play,after read those msg,i went back to sleep,it only last for a couple of minute,my friend call me to hurry up,so i rush my self,take a quick bath(do not complain about it),then went out and play,its so tired,dont ask why when u already know the answer,you such a dumb dumb :P
then went the break fast time,i ate a lot and drank a lot,until there is no enough space in my stomach,hahahaha.then i went to the mosque to perform the prayer,went when i came back to the house,this is what i'm doing,updated my blog,yeah i know u guys miss me blog so much,so here i am,satisfied you all ..
thats it for today,bye2 guys,i'll update my blog when i get bored okayh :)
take care,and good night.
And yes,the picture tkd kena mengena langsung :)

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